Primary Phonics: Workbook 2 by Barbara W. Makar

Primary Phonics: Workbook 2

Book Title: Primary Phonics: Workbook 2

Publisher: Educators Pub Svc Inc

ISBN: 0838805507

Author: Barbara W. Makar

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Barbara W. Makar with Primary Phonics: Workbook 2

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Primary Phonics Workbook 2 reviews the sounds learned in The Consonant Book and Workbook 1, and introduces the long vowels a, i, o, u and the vowel digraphs ie, oe, ee, oa, ai, and ea. The activities are similar to those used to teach short vowels in Workbook 1, except that four-letter words with silent-e and four-letter words with vowel digraphs are included. Discrimination between sounds is emphasized.Storybook Set 2 reinforces and provides practice with the skills taught in Workbook 2. More Primary Phonics Workbook 2 and the More Primary Phonics Storybook Set 2 provide additional practice with the skills covered in Workbook 2. Publisher: Educators Publishing Service Author: Barbara W. Makar Grades: K-2 Format: 80 pages, paperback ISBN: 9-780838-805503